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The Dance of Death – A Killmove Mod

An epic killmove mod designed to be completely user-friendly and offer players a greater degree of control over their killmoves. Now updated for all current DLCs!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to offer you an alternative to The Dance of Death for your killmoving pleasure. VioLens – A Killmove Mod by lRekol, offers most of the same functions as TDoD, as well as a very ingenious scheme for manipulating ranged killmoves. Moreover, VioLens has the full support of its author, who is active in ways I can no longer be thanks to my own personal commitments. The Dance of Death will still be here for those that want to use it, but there’s no malice on my part if you guys want to migrate to a more active mod with somebody that has the ability to keep updating and helping the users out.

The Dance Of Death version 4.0 out now! 4.0 comes in three versions; Classic, Dawnguard and Ultimate (all DLCs) Edition. When downloading, make sure you acquire the version which correlates to the DLCs you have installed, otherwise the game won’t load properly. This new version utilises SkyUI 3.0’s Mod Configuration Menu system (MCM) and will require both this and the latest version of SKSE in order to run.

The 4.0 series is a complete overhaul of The Dance of Death, and has had to be reconstructed from the ground up for the recent Skyrim updates. 4.0 also boasts a myriad of new features and systems, and serves to make the art of killmoves more closely relate to the core gameplay of Skyrim by making the skills and actions of characters directly affect the type of killmoves they will perform. For more information on the art of Death Dancing, read on below, but once you start dancing, you’d best be prepared to learn fast…

The main features added by The Dance of Death are the addition of a plethora of previously unused or unassigned killmoves to the various melee combat types used throughout Skyrim, and a Mod Configuration Menu which can be used to control the settings which affect them.

To make any changes to the settings from The Dance of Death, pause Skyrim and bring up the System tab. From there, select the option “Mod Configuration,” then “The Dance of Death.” The following options are fully configurable:

-Killmove Chance
-Decapitation Chance
-Last Enemy Restriction
-Perk Restriction System
-Player Killmove Immunity
-Forced Perspective

Once highlighted, each setting has a description field beneath the menu which discusses the effect of the setting, as well as what enabling or disabling the setting in question will do. Any alteration to these values will be saved between gaming sessions, and the changes to the settings are unique to each character. This means that every single one of your characters can have their own unique variation of the settings saved, without needing to change or revert the settings when changing between characters.

The Dance Of Death features a brand-new ‘Perk Restriction System,” which can be used for play styles favouring immersion or those seeking to feel rewarded as their character grows in weapon skill. New killmoves are unlocked by gaining specific perks associated with the weapon types that the killmoves are for. As the player unlocks these perks, their repertoire of killmoves will continue to expand to match their character’s developing skill level. The P.R.S can be disabled at will to give players full access to all of the non-decapitation killmoves with no required weapon skills or perks. Decapitations will still require their respective perks to occur.

As of version 4.0, the following is a list of the Perks which unlock new killmoves:
Hand To Hand:
Fists of Steel – Unlocks 1 Hand-to-Hand Killmove

Armsman (0) – Unlocks 1 Single Blade Killmove
Armsman (20) – Unlocks 2 Dual Wield and 1 Axe/Mace Killmove
Armsman (40) – Unlocks 3 Single Blade and 1 Dual Wield Killmove
Armsman (60) – Unlocks 1 Dual Wield, 1 Axe/Mace and 1 Axe Only Killmove
Bladesman (30) – Unlocks 1 Single Blade and 1 Dual Wield Killmove
Bladesman (60) – Unlocks 3 Single Blade and 1 Single Blade Only Killmove
Dual Flurry (30) – Unlocks 1 Dual Wield Killmove
Dual Flurry (50) – Unlocks 2 Dual Wield Killmoves
Bone Breaker/Hack And Slash (30) – Unlocks 1 Mace/Axe Killmove
Bone Breaker/Hack And Slash (60) – Unlocks 1 Mace/Axe Killmove
Fighting Stance – Unlocks 2 Single Blade and 1 Axe/Mace Killmove
Critical Charge – Unlocks 1 Shield, 1 Single Blade, 1 Dual Wield and 1 Shield + Axe Killmove
Savage Strike – Unlocks 2 Single Blade Killmoves
Dual Savagery – Unlocks 2 Dual Wield Killmoves


Quick Reflexes – Unlocks 1 Shield Killmove
Power Bash – Unlocks 1 Shield + Sword and 2 Shield + Axe Killmoves

Barbarian (00) – Unlocks 1 Greatsword and 3 Warhammer/Battleaxe Killmoves
Barbarian (20) – Unlocks 1 Greatsword and 1 Warhammer/Battleaxe Killmoves
Barbarian (40) – Unlocks 1 Warhammer/Battleaxe Killmoves
Deep Wounds (30) – Unlocks 1 Greatsword Killmove
Deep Wounds (60) – Unlocks 1 Greatsword Killmove
Skullcrusher (30) Unlocks 1 Battleaxe Killmoves
Champion Stance – Unlocks 1 Greatsword Killmove, and a variety of Killmoves vs Creatures for Greatswords.
Great Critical Charge – Unlocks 1 Greatsword and 1 Warhammer/Battleaxe Killmoves
Devastating Blow – Unlocks 1 Greatsword and 1 Warhammer/Battleaxe Killmove
Sweep – Unlocks 2 Greatsword and 1 Warhammer/Battleaxe Killmoves

Note: “Single Blade” refers to a single bladed weapon, with or without a shield equipped. “Single Blade Only” refers to a single bladed weapon with either spells or nothing equipped in the offhand.

Shield-Based killmoves are also treated differently by The Dance of Death 3.0 series. Killmoves featuring shields as a part of the animation, such as shield bashing, deflection or charges, will only occur when the player is blocking with their left hand and performing a “Power Bash” attack by pressing or holding down their attack key. These killmoves will trigger at the same threshold as regular killmoves, and behave in an identical manner to standard killmoves.

The following the the necessary progression for updating from any pre-MCM version to a post-MCM version:
3.1 -> 3.3-> Stopquest /Clean Save -> 3.9 -> 4.0

When updating from 3.3 and below to 3.9 and above, it is necessary to perform a cleansave, using the following process:

Load your saves, then open the console and input the following:

stopquest DanceOfDeathAddSpellQuest

Save and exit.

1: Completely remove any old versions of TDoD from your Data directory. If you have used the NMM to install TDoD, simply deactivate the mod. If you have manually installed TDoD, you must manually remove all of these files. This includes The Dance of Death.esp and .bsa from previous versions if applicable, but also the loose files listed below:


2: Load your savegame and perform a clean save into a new slot. (No waiting necessary)

3: Enable the new version of TDoD.

If you encounter no increase in killmove frequency after adjusting these settings, then you will require FNIS as well. Some animation replacer mods, either basic or complex, can inhibit TDoD’s functions and prevent killmoves from occurring. By running FNIS, and executing the GenerateFNISForUsers tool while ticking the applicable mods, FNIS controls these other mods so that they don’t inhibit The Dance of Death’s functionality.

Note that when updating from 3.9 to a higher version, note that a clean save is NOT necessary.

The Dance Of Death 3.9
-SkyUI 3.0
-The latest version of SKSE

*Only required if using any animation replacer mods alongside TDoD

The Dance Of Death 3.3
-Dawnguard DLC
-Skyrim version or higher.

The Dance Of Death 3.1
-Skyrim version or higher.

V1.0 – Initial Release
V1.1 – Removed Last Enemy Requirement (thanks to ospothe!)
V1.2 – Added new killmoves to various weapon types; 2 to One-Handers, 3 to Greatswords, 3 to Warhammers/battleaxes, 4 to Dual-wielding
V1.3 – Added new killmoves to various weapon types; 2 to Greatswords, 1 to Maces/Axes, 1 to Warhammers/Battleaxes, reshuffled some probabilities.
V1.4 – Probability statements converted from < to <=, and from = to <= in some cases. New H2H killmove added.
V1.5 – Addressed issues with the one-handed killmoves, added 3 new killmoves to the 1Handed tree.
V1.6 – Fixed issue with killmovechance not modifying proportion of killmoves that occur.
V1.7 – Added new conditions to BackSideKillMove, added a variety of killmoves to all weapon types and killmove branches
V1.8/1.9 – Prototype variants on the future iterations of TDOD.
v2.0 – Forcekillcam added. Added Perk Restrictions on the TDOD killmoves, and an optional setting to bypass them. Added a spellbook that teaches the power “Dance Of Death Settings,” which opens a menu that allows for the adjustment of chance values, a Perk Restrction Bypass and Forcekillcams.
v2.1 – New Dragon Killmove added, probabilities reshuffled, last hostile actor condition removed from Dragon Killmoves. OnlyPlayer killmoves system introduced. In-game readme added to the bookstand to help new users configure the mod.
v2.1.5 – Prevents Warhammers from decapitating enemies, added new Warhammer/Battleaxe killmove. Dual Wielding now has two decapitation killmoves; one for mid-combat, and one for last enemy. One new Sword and Shield killmove added, and one killmove for One-Handers with either nothing equipped in the offhand, or a spell. Relocated the Spellbook and stand to behind Farengar’s Map Board. OnlyPlayer now also affects Dragons.
v2.1.6 – 1 New H2H killmove. OnlyPlayer changed to Player Immunity. Bug fixed with Warhammer decapitation prevention. Maces also no longer perform decapitations.
v2.1.7 – Restricted more Warhammer killmoves. Killmovechance now affects Werewolf killmoves
v2.2 – The Dance of Death power is now automatically given to the player on starting the game, along with the readme note. Spell name changed from “Dance Of Death Settings” to “The Dance Of Death.” Dance Of Death Spellbook and Lectern removed from Dragonsreach. Menus and messages updated. 2 New Waraxe killmoves and 1 new mace killmove added.
v2.2.1 – Dual Wield Decapitation alternation system fixed. 1 New Battleaxe/Warhammer killmove added. One-handed decapitation can now be used by Greatswords. Greatsword Decapitation system restructured.
v.2.2.2 – Fixed a bug where the scripted death of Gormlaith could not complete while Player Immunity was active
v2.3 – Added Last Enemy system. Added 2-Handed killmoves vs. various creature types to be available to pure One-handed or Weapon-and-spell characters. Fixed Dual Wielding probabilities to ensure better variation, and added constraints to DW impaling killmoves to prevent axes and maces from performing them.
v2.3.1 – Return to loose file archiving after reports of bugs with .BSA archiving. Added faction “Has Scripted Killmoves” faction, solving a bug with scripted killmoves not performing under certain conditions.
v3.0 – Full overhaul of The Dance Of Death to the 1.6 framework. New scripts introduced, .esp rewritten from scratch to accommodate changes to the Character animation tree.
v3.9 – Updated to SkyUI’s MCM system. All prior customisation systems removed. Additional Greatsword killmoves vs creatures added, fixed Werewolf killmoves causing freezing cameras. Dawnguard and Non-Dawnguard versions published.

For Those Enquiring About Ranged Killmoves…

Currently, there is no setting in the CK to adjust the chance or and modifiers associated with ranged or magic killcams. If and when this is fixed, these features will also be added to the mod. For now, adding the following lines to your “skyrim.ini” file, located in your My Games/Skyrim/ folder, will enable ranged killcams to occur for almost every valid ranged kill. Note that these may cause bugs or CTD’s, and should be treated carefully. Unfortunately, the 1.6/1.7 release appears to have broken most, if not all of these tweaks, but you might get lucky with it.


Feel free to tweak the settings to suit your taste. I reccommend setting “allownokill” to 0, to prevent killcams from tracking missing or non-fatal arrows. If and when new 1.6/1.7 compatible tweaks are released, I will update this list to display the newer versions.

Author: DaedalusAI
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