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Space Wiking Dwemer Exoskeleton

Adds the exoskeletons Hyperion & Hyperion Master with increased jumps, 11 mountable Weapons, The Lost Technology quest with a cool new dungeon (even with some skyrim records), and bonus content (Steam Spell and The Centuria generator). The exoskeletons are built from various dwemer artifacts and can be worn together with other armor.

Hello Dovahkiins ๐Ÿ˜€

A long time ago the Dwemer invented the automatons, fearless machines protecting the dwemer cities, but they constructed one machine different from the automatons, a machine which requires a humanoid to work. They created Hyperion! The Hyperion exoskeleton grants the wearer more speed and strength.

From version 4.0 this mod requires The Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)

The Quest: Lost Technology
You can start the Quest by reading the Hyperion History in the Dwemer Museum in Markarth, to finish it you must have access to the Blackreach. The new dungeon is hard so be prepared, but the bonus content might help.
Tip: To enter a “special” part of my dungeon alive use the Become Ethereal shout, or equip your exoskeleton and have faith ๐Ÿ˜‰

Whatโ€™s inside:
-Hyperion exoskeleton (Light & Heavy)
-Hyperion Master exoskeleton (Light & Heavy)
-11 Mountable Weapons (Magical, One & Two Handed)
-The Lost Technology Quest
-New Dungeon with Skyrim records and Easter eggs ๐Ÿ˜€
-Hyperion Regulator
-Bonus: Steam spell
-Bonus: Centuria Generator (Staff conjuring Centurions)
-Increased Jumps

The exoskeleton can be worn together with other armors or clothes. The exoskeleton raises the speed of the wearer, increases his carry weight and his stamina, but lowers his magic resistance and sneak ability. It’s built from different dwemer artifacts and uses steam special effects. The exoskeleton is improvable and smithable under the dwarven section. The Hyperion Master increases the weapon skills as well, but decreases health. The increased heat of the overheated version causes 1 point damage to health when running and 5 points when sprinting.
After smithing the Dwemer Hyperion Regulator you can adjust the equipped Hyperion exoskeleton by clicking on the regulator. The regulator allows you to set up the exoskeletons, you can change the strength of the enchantments and the jump boost with six presets, you can change the weight, turn on and off the sound and visual effects. It allows you to set the smithing option for the mountable weapon to one or two handed versions. To smith the weapons you need to have the Mountable Weapons book in your inventory.

Mountable Weapons:
-Energy Inductor
-Acid Sprayer
-Crossbow (No Dawnguard needed)

Regulator Power Settings:
-OffEnchantable version
-lowSpeed: 25Carry: 40Stamina: 10Weakness to Magic: 10Sneak Penalty: 5
-mediumSpeed: 50Carry: 70Stamina: 25Weakness to Magic: 15Sneak Penalty: 10
-highSpeed: 75Carry: 100Stamina: 40Weakness to Magic: 20Sneak Penalty: 15
-maximumSpeed: 100Carry: 120Stamina: 50Weakness to Magic: 25Sneak Penalty: 20
-overheatingSpeed: 200Carry: 220Stamina: 100Weakness to Magic: 50Sneak Penalty: 40

Hyperion Master:
-OffEnchantable version
-lowSpeed: 25Carry: 40Stamina: 10Weapon skills: 5Weakness to Magic: 10 Reduced Health: 5Sneak Penalty: 5
-mediumSpeed: 50Carry: 70Stamina: 25Weapon skills: 10 Weakness to Magic: 15Reduced Health: 10Sneak Penalty: 10
-highSpeed: 75Carry: 100Stamina: 40Weapon skills: 15 Weakness to Magic: 20Reduced Health: 15Sneak Penalty: 15
-maximumSpeed: 100Carry: 120Stamina: 50Weapon skills: 20 Weakness to Magic: 25Reduced Health: 20Sneak Penalty: 20
-overheatingSpeed: 200Carry: 220Stamina: 100Weapon skills: 40 Weakness to Magic: 50Reduced Health: 40Sneak Penalty: 40

Regulator Jump Booster Settings:
-OffFalling damage 75%Jump Height 1x (Normal jump)
-1Falling damage 50%Jump Height 2x
-2Falling damage 45%Jump Height 3x
-3Falling damage 40%Jump Height 4x
-4Falling damage 35%Jump Height 5x
-5Falling damage 30%Jump Height 6x

Upgrade for the “staff” mountable weapons:
-CrosbowRequires: Enchanting 40/60 and Archery 40/60
-CryofreezerRequires: Enchanting 50 and Illusion 50
-FlamethrowerRequires: Enchanting 50 and Destruction 50
-Energy InductorRequires: Enchanting 50 and Destruction 50
-Acid SprayerRequires: Enchanting 50 and Destruction 50

Used weapons “The Elementals”:
The Elementals direct link

This mod uses vanilla textures, so every mod replacing the textures related to dwarven creatures and clutter, would change the textures of my mod too.
Now I made my own re-textures with Ebony, Steel, Gold and Silver material (original creature textures aren’t changed). It’s only a quick re-edit of the vanilla textures, but still a nice refresh ๐Ÿ™‚

Little Warning:
When changing the exoskeleton settings, the improvement or enchantment made on that exoskeleton can be lost. When you select the same preset nothing will change and the switching from the enchantable version can be canceled, so nothing bad ๐Ÿ™‚
If you have more than one exoskeleton in your inventory with the same setting, only one of these will be adjusted, but can’t say which.

Known issue:
After adjusting the exoskeleton, the enchantments (or some of them) don’t start, they activate after some action, like sprinting, weapon draw…
There is a compatibility issue with the ASIS mod, I can’t do much with that, the fix must be done on the other mod, but thanks to Nathanj, here is a fix:
You need to put the name of the esp into the ASIS ini, or you could disable this mod, run ASIS patch and then re-enable it.

Possible compatibility issues:
After adding the mountable weapons I needed to expand the number of used slots and modify the races to make it visible in 1st person mode. So up version 3.0 it could have issues with mods which alters the vanilla races and uses the alternate armor slots 58, 59 and 60. So far I don’t have any reports about incompatible mods, for these reasons.
The Exoskeleton is compatible with the Cloaks of Skyrim and Bandolier – Bags and Pouches ๐Ÿ˜€

Use the Nexus Mod Manager or extract the files to your Skyrim/Data folder and select it in the Skyrim launcher.

It’s recommend to unequip all mod items first. You can uninstall it like any other mod, via the nexus mod manager or by deleting the two mod related files.

The Re-texture replaces the bsa file, so when you want the original textures, you might need to re-install the main mod.

Author: SpaceWiking
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