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Instantly Skip Dialogue

This mod allows most of the dialogue directed to the player character to be skipped instantly, bypassing the 750 millisecond delay. This includes most dialogue from Talking Activators which is normally unskippable.

This is a non-SKSE version of Instantly Skip Dialogue NG implemented in ActionScript to be compatible with the original Skyrim.

Dialogue subtitles must be enabled for this mod to work.

Enable this setting in the in-game menu under System > Settings > Display > Dialogue Subtitles or set bDialogueSubtitles=1 under [Interface] in SkyrimPrefs.ini.

This video is recorded using Instantly Skip Dialogue NG, which has the same effect.

This version is also compatible with Skyrim Special Edition, VR, and Enderal as alternative to the SKSE-based Instantly Skip Dialogue NG. It can safely be installed and uninstalled at any moment. Allow Dialogue Progress Bugfix is redundant when using this mod.

Other mods that modify the dialoguemenu.swf file will conflict and must be overwritten for this mod to work. Several versions of this mod are available based on some popular dialogue menu replacer mods (which also work with the original Skyrim):

– Convient Dialogue UI
– Dear Diary Dark Mode – SkyUI Menus Replacer
– Dialogue Interface ReShaped
– Horizons UI Overhaul
– New Horizons UI – User Interface Overhaul

At request, I can upload more versions for other mods if the permissions allow it. See my article “How to modify dialoguemenu.swf to allow for instantly skipping dialogue” on how to apply the changes yourself.

Author: Jonathan Feenstra
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