Champollion Graphical User Interface

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Champollion Graphical User Interface

This tool takes the command line tool options and turns them into an interactive interface for ease of use. Written in C# and requires the original Champollion tool for the actual work.

Champollion Graphical User Interface
by Arron Dominion

This tool is a graphical user interface designed to make Champollion easier to use. It does not replace the tool, only takes the command line arguments and converts it into easy form choices. Was designed and created with C#. You must have the original tool downloaded for use, as this only provides an interface.

This was created due to seeing how difficult it was for users that have never used Command Prompt and/or any other command line tool in Windows.

-All features of Champollion minus parallel execution.
-Responsive U.I. after the call to start Champollion has started.
-An about and help buttons for assistance using this GUI.

-Champollion –

Champollion Interface Help:

1) Select a folder where your .pex files are located
2) Check Output Source in Different Location if you want the .psc to go to a different folder
2a) Select a folder where your .psc files will be saved to
3) Check Generate Assembly if you want a human-readable assembly file
3a) Check Output Assembly in Different Location if you want the assembly to go to a different folder
3b) Select a folder where your assembly files will be saved to
4) Check Generate Comments if you want the source files to have a comment about Champollion generating the file
5) Click Run
6) A pop-up will appear asking if you want to run or not
6a) Click Yes if you want to run. Otherwise click No
6) Wait for the progress bar to complete
7) Wait for a pop-up to appear
8) Close pop-up
9) Either click Exit or go through steps 1-8 for additional files

I plan to rewrite this eventually. Someone else has programmed a newer version using latest .NET. Check it out in the meantime: Champollion Graphical User Interface (Updated)

Author: Arron Dominion
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